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So you think an ad making business is just like any other ad making business, right?
just ask any of the marketing consultants, creatives and designers in sazenoads and you will get the answer.

We understand Advertising and marketing consultancy is much the same as any other marketing consultants, copywriters, designers, animators do...
We are very much different from your routine marketing consultancy rather ad agency in numerous ways

- We don't have clients - we have partners and friends
- We give marketing advice as we don't take it from partners
- We are cost effective in every manner no matter how lavish our partners are
- We work for brand goodness not for client happiness
- We are technology and innovation driven in everyway

To us, traditional ad agencies are fossil, greedy, lumbering giants, overdue for extinction. Whereas, at sazenoads we have a flexible, integrated marketing approach that means we select the right creative discipline for your particular needs.

We're known as a creative consultancy with an impartial, holistic approach, we might suggest collaborative,cost- effective Print advertising with a direct mail campaign. Or a direct mail campaign with a radio promotion. Or a radio promotion with a PR blitz. We'll find the right solution for your specific marketing requirements and advertising requirements.